Irresponsibility: The Mr Toast Card Game


Irresponsibility is a family friendly card game for 2-4 players. Players take turns either helping Mr Toast be irresponsible by playing fun Recreation cards or by saddling your opponents with Responsibility cards to keep Mr Toast from having fun. Mr Toast's friends also get in on the action as Buddy cards who add to your score, thanks Joe the Egg! You also get to play Action cards which can let you draw more cards, play extra cards or even take over another players position. The winner is the first person to get to 15 points worth of Recreation & Buddy cards!

The game is a 90 card deck of high quality custom bridge cards, a rules sheet and a slipcase box.

This game won the 2015 Hasbro Next Great Game Contest and was funded through Indiegogo by 249 incredible supporters.

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